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Build your own AR living portrait

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Bring your dull portraits to life with augmented reality!

Learn the fundamentals of AR mobile development in a live and free Unity workshop. You will learn how to plan and launch AR projects in Unity, write simple animation scripts, and push the final project on your smartphone.

After finishing the workshop, you'll know how to bring any static image to life using only your smartphone. You could create dynamic movie posters, band T-shirts, or just bring postcards to another level.

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners. No special AR or VR device is needed - your smartphone is enough.

Interested in building alongside our instructors? Here is what you need ready:

  • IOS or Android Smartphone - Check android compatibility here.
  • Unity game engine on your laptop or computer. You can download it here.

You'll learn:

  • How to use AR Foundation in Unity
  • How to set up and use image tracking with marker-based tracking
  • How to set up scenes in Unity
  • How to program simple animations using Visual Script Studio
  • How to test and deploy AR projects in Unity

About your instructors:

Usman "Ozzy" Mir is a certified Unity instructor, musician, and a passionate gamer. Ozzy has worked with Unity for over 12 years. He's passionate about learning, teaching, and building his own VR games.


Usman Mir

Lead Instructor, AR/VR Developer

Brenden Gilbert

Education Lead