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Virtual reality is now the “coolest” way to deliver classroom lessons, according to VRScout. Teacher, Charles Coomber, used the glass window from the popular VR game Half-Life: Alyx to teach a math lesson about complementary angles and supplementary angles. Check out the virtual classroom here.

In this workshop, Circuit Stream instructor Dustin will show you how to build your own VR Classroom using Unity, which includes an interactive whiteboard that you can use to draw and erase text. If you register by June 9th, you will receive the workshop project files so that you can follow along during the live workshop or afterwards by watching a recording!

The workshop is free to attend and is suitable for all audiences. No experience is needed. VR headsets are not required to join the workshop, but if you plan on developing the app yourself, you will need one.

Resources for attendees:

  • Project Asset and Files
  • Webinar replay

You'll learn:

  • How to start a VR project in Unity
  • Basics of VR hand tracking
  • Basic scripting in Unity using Visual Studio
  • How to build VR scenes and interactions in Unity

At the end of the workshop, You'll Have:

  • An insight on how to go about developing a VR from start to finish
  • Understand basic Unity VR functionalities and how to use them on a real projects
  • Concrete answers to your questions about VR development from Dustin Swieringa

About Your Instructor:

Dustin is an open-minded, friendly individual who spends all his time either building or playing games with friends. He loves programming, technical art, and birds. He has over 8 years of experience in C# and Unity is always strives to learn more about game development.


Tyler Trapp

Enrollment Advisor

Dustin Swieringa

AR/VR Instructor and Developer