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Game of Tag - Adding a Multiplayer Functionality in Unity

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The best games and apps have one thing in common - they connect users and players in the game. Does your next big app require a multiplayer functionality? In this free and live workshop, our instructor Cash Garman, will teach you how to build a multiplayer game of tag using the Photon 2 networking engine. You'll learn how to add cooperation and collaboration to your apps with ease. You will also have the chance to ask Cash anything you want about game development in Unity at the end of the workshop. 

At the end of the workshop you will have Cash's files and script code to play around with and use it on your own projects.

This workshop is fairly advanced and assumes prior programming and Unity experience, however anyone can attend!

What are you going to learn

  • Multiplayer feature theory and basics
  • What is Photon 2 networking engine
  • How to enable and use Photon 2 in your Unity apps (yes, even in VR)
  • How to build a simple Game of Tag under an hour with multiplayer functionality
  • Writing C# scripts and game logic for networking in Unity
💬   AMA session with your host, Cash Garman, after the workshop

About your instructor:

Cash is a man of multiple talents - from tinkering and engineering with hardware, DJing punk songs on digital radio stations to creating multiplayer games for PlayStation and PC. He's the first to try new things and practices in the digital building realm. If you're into creating games in Unity, you should definitely come to his workshops or YouTube livestreams!


Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Cash Garman

Indie Game Developer and XR Expert Instructor Developer