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Developing a VR Application with HP

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Want to develop a VR app with HP?

Get an overview of what HP Omnicept is and what it enables with the headset. Eye Tracking, Heart Rate, Cognitive Load and more! See all this in action—HP is going to develop a Unity game app project in front of your eyes!

You'll also get a special behind-the-scenes look at the Omnicept Developer's portal website where you can learn more and get started with the SDK. Best of all, you can get started without any Omnicept hardware!

Stick around till the end of the workshop because you can get the chance to win a free HP Reverb G2. We look forward to seeing you there!

You'll learn:

  • An understanding of HP Omnicept
  • How to use the cognitive load inference engine into a variety of project ideas
  • How to enable Unity to develop for some of the latest headsets around like the Reverb G2 using OpenXR

About your instructors:

Sergi, is a software engineer passionate about VR and graphics. He has a Masters in Innovation and Research in Informatics, Graphics and Virtual Reality. He currently works as a VR Field Engineer at HP. Lauren is a VR Software Engineer at HP, passionate about empowering others in the space. They both bring their enthusiasm, expertise and charm to this subject matter!


Sergi Tortosa

Software Field Engineer at HP

Lauren Domingo

VR Software Field Engineer at HP

Luciana Fortes