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Info Session: 10-Week XR Design Course

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Have you thought about pursuing a career in AR/VR design? Learn about the key benefits of our 10-week online course, and get insights into the growing XR industry.

Why attend our info session?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in XR design and don't know where to start? Our info session will be perfect for you. Attending this event is a great opportunity for potential students to learn more about our 10-week beginner-friendly course.

During the info session, we'll cover topics such as:

  • The future of XR design
  • Why learning XR design skills is beneficial
  • Career opportunities available to XR designers
  • Course details & dates
  • Hear from a student alum about their experience
  • Pricing and payment options available to you
  • A Q&A session

Why Learn XR Design Skills?

With XR Design skills, you can land jobs as a Game Designer, Game Artist, AR/VR Design, and many more. XR Design skills are highly sought-after:

  • According to LinkedIn, the demand for XR design skills has grown significantly over the past year, and there are currently over 21,770 job openings worldwide.


Tyler Trapp

Circuit Stream Industry Partnerships Representative

Diana Olynick

Circuit Stream Student Ambassador