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C# for Unity Workshop

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Interested in augmented and virtual reality development but not sure where to start with the coding?

In this introduction to C# we will be covering C# fundamentals as well as how to script in Unity using the C# language. You will learn how to create basic script files and get an understanding of variables, functions, loops, and conditional statements. Not sure what any of those things are? All the more reason to tune in and learn all about it! Catch our EU/MENA timezone friendly workshop! 

During the workshop, we'll share:

  • How to create and test C# Scripts
  • How to use variables and data types
  • Using conditional statements
  • Using logical operators in C#
  • How to use loop statements
  • How to use methods and functions

At the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • An understanding of basic C# Syntax
  • The beginning of the frameworks for using C# in Unity
  • An understanding of using C# in virtual and augmented reality.

About your instructor:

Indika, a proud Sri-Lankan, has always been fascinated by high tech. His work history in software industry includes game development, design, and of course XR technology. If you're looking for someone to find a tech business solution, he's your guy.


Indika Wijesooriya

Course Lead

Kyle Nichols