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Unity Engine Fundamentals and Terrain Controls

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Looking for a place to learn Unity 3D development? This is it!

Join the Intro to Unity 3D Development workshop and learn the fundamentals of 3d development in Unity.

Unity is one of the main software choices in game development, design, AR/VR, CGI and other 3d visualization industries.

In this workshop we will be going over the complete fundamentals of Unity.

We're going to learn about how to control the editor, basic physics with rigid objects and terrain controls.

If you're just  getting started with 3D development, this is the workshop you should attend!

The workshop demonstrates what kind of projects you can start building during Introduction to Unity 3D Development course.

We look forward to seeing you there!

You'll learn:

  • Unity Editor (User Interface and main tools)
  • How to make simple physics (with rigid bodies)
  • Close inspection and use of terrain tools (we'll be building first nature landscape)
  • Basic simple scripting and physics

At the End of the Workshop, You'll Have:

  • A blueprint on how to start any 3D development project in Unity
  • Knowledge how to use Unity for your needs with game development, design, or even XR
  • Your first experience with programming with Unity
  • Concrete answers to your questions about real-time 3D development from Usman Mir

About your instructor:

Usman Mir is a certified Unity instructor who has worked with Unity for over 13 years. He's a passionate gamer who loves learning, teaching, and building his own games!


Usman "ozzy" Mir


Steph Licina