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Build an AR Measuring Tape Mobile App

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As immersive applications become more and more common, the demand for AR/VR application designers and developers will continue to grow. If you’re interested in this field, now is the perfect time to learn more about it and the best way to do that is by building a portfolio of projects.

In this free live workshop, you’ll learn how to create an AR app in Unity that allows you to measure the distance between objects in your space in real-time!

This live webinar is free to attend and is suitable for all audiences. No experience is needed.

You'll learn:

  • How to start an AR project in Unity
  • How to use AR Foundation — a plugin for developing mobile AR apps in Unity
  • Light scripting with Visual Studio
  • How to use features like line renderer inside Unity

At the end of the workshop, You'll Have:

  • Insights about the mobile AR development process
  • Understand AR Foundation SDK and how it works
  • Concrete answers to your questions about mobile AR development from Mitchell Theriault

About Your Instructor:

Mitchell self-describes as an absolute nerd who is passionate about the convergence of art and technology. He started working at a start-up company that was working on AR/VR development. He loves learning new programming languages, strengthening his audio mixing skills and developing new iPhone apps on the side.


Roham Mirza-ghafari

Enrollment Advisor

Mitchell Theriault

AR/VR Instructor and Developer