XR Open House

Circuit Stream Open House – June 2021

June 24, 2021 12AM UTC

Is 2021 the year you kickstart your career in XR? Join us online for our Virtual Open House to learn how you can build your own XR project and acquire the skills needed for the industry.

Live Workshop: Intro to Virtual Reality 6/8/2021

Learn how to build a spell-casting virtual reality game in this free VR workshop. After the workshop our expert instructor will answer all your questions.

Live Workshop – VR 360 Tours

In this free workshop, we will walk through implementing RayCasting and 360 images, as well as navigating between multiple 360 images.

Spring Open House

Join us for our Spring Open House! Hear from our alumni, learn about the XR industry and the courses we offer. Bring your questions, comments and curiosities!

Unity VR Development Workshop — Let’s go Bowling in VR!

In this free workshop, you will learn the fundamental principles of VR game development – setting up VR environments, creating basic interactions, and simulating physics between object. You will have a working VR bowling game by the end of the workshop!

Game of Tag – Adding a Multiplayer Functionality in Unity

In this free and live workshop, Cash Garman is going to teach you on how to add a multiplayer ability to your Unity applications using Photon 2 networking engine. Prior coding experience is preferred but anyone is welcome to attend.

Open House

Join us for our very first open house! We launched six brand new courses, and want to share all the details with you. Bring your questions, comments and curiosities!

Learning from the best

Circuit Stream is a Unity certified training partner. Training partners are approved based on their expertise, focus on quality education and a commitment to providing the highest level of training available.