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Build a VR Bowling Mini Game

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The best way to learn VR development is on actual projects. This time you will be making a mini VR bowling game alongside Ozzy.

You will learn about physics, 3D environments, setting up an user avatar and basic interactions (you will need to know how to throw a bowling ball, right?).

This workshop is suitable for beginners. The VR headset isn't required but we suggest you install the free version of Unity and Visual Studio API.

During the workshop, we'll share:

  • How Unity is used to build virtual reality games and apps
  • How to setup a project in Unity
  • How to throw objects in VR
  • How to implement and manipulate physics in VR
  • How to create basic interactions in VR

At the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • Your own VR Bowling game blueprint process along with the assets used in the workshop
  • Understanding of how to setup a VR environment in Unity
  • Knowledge on how to operate with basic interactions
  • Answers to your questions around AR/VR development from Ozzy

About your instructor:

Usman Mir is a certified Unity instructor who has worked with Unity for over 12 years. He's passionate about learning, teaching, and building his own VR games.


Brenden Gilbert

Education Lead

Usman Mir

Instructor and XR Developer