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Make your own Breakout Retro Game in Unity

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                                                                                                                <h1><span>Make your own Breakout Retro Game in Unity</span></h1><p>Everyone loves video games, but have you ever went around to create one yourself?</p><p>In this live workshop you will learn the basics of Unity game engine and use those skills to build a simple but very popular game — <strong>Breakout Retro Game</strong></p><p>You're going to learn about Unity controls, interface, and main features first. We're going to take those fundamentals and learn and understand different objects, input commands, simple interactions and types of game objects.</p><p>The real-time 3d skills are highly sought-after! Not only in game industry but in other industries such as: film industry (CGI), manufacturing, architectural visualizations, and product designs.</p><p>The workshop demonstrates what kind of projects you can start building during <a href="https://circuitstream.com/learning/"><strong>our main courses</strong></a>.</p>                                           <h2>You'll learn:</h2><ul><li>Unity Editor (User Interface and main tools)</li><li>How to deal with prefabs in new objects</li><li>Different types of game objects and how to use them in a project</li><li>Game controls and interactions</li><li>Basic simple scripting and physics</li></ul><h2>At the End of the Workshop, You'll Have:</h2><ul><li>A playable and working Breakout Retro Game (that you can build yourself)</li><li>Knowledge of how to use Unity for simple game projects and beyond</li><li>Understanding of main concepts of 3D development (scripting, objects, physics and interactions)</li><li>Concrete answers to your questions about real-time 3D development with Unity from Dustin Swieringa</li></ul><h2>About your instructor:</h2><p><span>Dustin is a very open-minded, friendly individual who spends all his time either building or playing games with friends. </span><span>He loves programming, technical art, and birds. He has over 8 years of experience in C# and Unity, including professional development, and always strives to learn more.</span></p>                                                                                                                     <p><br /><script></script><br /><script>  hbspt.forms.create({portalId: "3885542",css:"",formId: "713b0030-fe3f-49f0-a477-3977c7645f7f"});</script></p>                                                                                                                                                                         <p><span></div>


Tyler Trapp


Dustin Swieringa

Unity Instructor