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LiDAR Sensors and the Future of Mobile AR

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You've just spent a lot of money on iPhone 12 Pro with a LiDAR sensor, didn't you? It's time for you to learn how to use it in your AR development projects.

LiDAR sensor enables scanning the environment in the camera view to create mesh geometry representing the real-world environment.

In this workshop, you will learn how LiDAR works and how you use it in Unity to create virtual elements overlaid and interacted with realistically.

What are you going to learn

  • What is LiDAR and how you apply it in mobile AR projects
  • What are the limitation of mobile hardware for AR
  • How LiDAR enhances AR applications
  • How to setup ARFoundation to work with LiDAR capabilities
  • Answers to your questions from your host, Jerry Medeiros

About your instructor:

Jerry loves to teach and build immersive simulations. With more than 10 years in the game industry as an engineer and team leader, he is one of the best instructors when it comes to AR/VR development. 


Kyle Nichols

Course Lead

Jerry Medeiros

The XR Mastermind