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Niantic Lightship Shared AR Multiplayer Workshop

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Augmented reality games and applications that let you hang out and work with other players are way more fun than playing solo. If you're new to AR or have a multiplayer app or game in mind that you want to build, this is the workshop for you.

Multiplayer functionality has been notoriously difficult to add to AR games and applications until recently. With Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Development Kit (ARDK), your AR development process will get smoother, simpler, and more effective.

A virtual reality positioning system (VPS), semantic segmentation, smart physics, and a powerful integrated multiplayer model are just some of the exciting features ARDK brings to your development toolkit. In this workshop, we'll look at Niantic Lightship features and focus on the multiplayer aspect of AR development by creating a multiplayer game from start to finish.

Circuit Stream's and certified Unity teacher, Jerry Medeiros, will show you up-close the most powerful Lightship features, explain how they work, and how you can use them in your AR development projects.

By the end of the workshop, you'll make a competitive multiplayer AR tower-building game.

This workshop is made with a collaborative effort with Niantic Labs. It's free to attend and suitable for anyone interested in AR development. If you want to follow along, download and set up a Niantic account beforehand.

What you will learn:

  • How Niantic Lightship is used for AR development
  • The different projects you can start building with Lightship
  • Lightship AR multiplayer features such as Shared AR experiences
  • How players can synchronize using mapping data
  • How to use visual markers with MakerSync localization
  • How to integrate networked sessions between clients

At the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • An overview of Niantic Lightship ARDK
  • A finished prototype of a multiplayer tower building AR game
  • Basics of setting up multiplayer capabilities via ARDK
  • Answers to your questions from Jerry Medeiros, a Unity Certified instructor

About Your Instructor:

Jerry Medeiros is a game development and AI expert with more than ten years of experience using his skills to create games, XR training and simulations. As a Unity Certified Instructor, he is passionate about teaching the latest emerging technologies. He has a bachelor's degree in Game Development, a certificate in Interaction Design, a Master's degree in Computer Science, and an MBA in Leadership and Innovation.


Stephane Licina

Partnership Manager

Jerry Medeiros

Head of Education