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Oculus Quest 2 Development - Hand Tracking

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So you just got your Quest 2, and you want to learn how to set up some hand tracking applications? This is the workshop for you!

Join Jason Campbell as he walks you through setting up hand tracking in your Quest 2. You'll be able to build a simple application for use on your device, and understand when VR controllers are appropriate vs using hands.

During the workshop, we'll share:

  • How to set up hand tracking in Unity 3D
  • The uses for hand tracking in your VR projects
  • Designing for AR/VR with the Oculus Quest
  • When to use controllers and when to use hands

At the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • Setting up hand tracking in your application
  • An understanding of building a simple hand-tracking application for Quest 2
  • Improved understanding hand vs. controller effectiveness
  • Q & A with your instructor, Jason Campbell

About your instructor:

Jason has worked in the VR/AR industry since 2012 and worked with big data since 2016. He has built and managed over 25 applications and delivered projects for VR, AR, iOS, Android, custom hardware, web, and film. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Digital Media.


Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Jason Campbell

Head of Engineering