VR Design Secrets – Transform the “Feel” of your App!

In this workshop, we’ll go over a list of simple steps that every VR application should include, in order to create the magic that makes the best apps feel so good.

On-Demand: A Primer on XR Sound Design

Sound Design consists of 50% of the immersive experience however, it usually doesn’t get the same amount of attention as their visual components. In this workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of great XR sound design.

[On-Demand] Unity MARS

Unity MARS gives creators the ability to finally deliver AR experiences that live up to the end user’s expectations: digital content that seems to live in and react to the real world.

[On-Demand] Advanced AR workflows with Unity MARS

Learn about advanced workflows with MARS – from creating simulation environments, to utilizing landmarks and forces, to scripting new actions and reasoning APIs.

VR Design Workshop – Make Your VR Apps Look and Feel Complete

Practical examples about how to turn your AR/VR apps from “ok, this is nice” to “omg this is amazing”. Workshop on design, optimization and polishing from expert UI/UX AR/VR designer, Eric Carter.

Create a VR Baseball Game with XR Interaction Toolkit

With the introduction of XR Interaction Toolkit, developers can start building AR/VR interactions without coding scripts in C#. Join the workshop to learn how.

Designing for VR
VR Design Workshop – UI Design for Hand Tracking Apps

In this introductory workshop you will learn how to create Augmented Reality apps using Unity and Vuforia. This workshop is suitable for beginners. No previous experience is required.

Learning from the best

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