AR Workshop

Build an AR Measuring Tape Mobile App

June 02, 2022 12AM UTC

Join us and make your own AR app in Unity! You are going to learn how to make an AR measuring tape that allows you to use measuring the distance between physical objects in your room.

Make a VR Bowling Game in Unity

In this free workshop, you will learn about XR development and create basic interactions by building your own VR bowling game!

Intro to AR Pokemon Go Free Workshop
Intro to Augmented Reality – Pokemon Go

Learn how to build a simple Pokemon Go-like augmented reality application in Unity 3D. After the workshop, our expert instructors will answer all your questions.

Shifting from UI/UX to XR Design with Simon Frübis
Best Practices and Tools in XR Design with Simon Frübis

Join us for an interactive workshops with Simon Frübis. Simon is going to share his experience and recommendation from adapting UI/UX design to XR design. He’ll share his design thinking methods and tools have worked best in his XR journey.

Game Development Essentials with Unity

In this live and free on-demand workshop you’re going to learn the basics of Unity and game development by building one of the most popular and recognizable games in the history – Tetris!

Unity Bootcamp Open house
Unity Bootcamp Open House

Learn about Circuit Stream’s first Unity-themed Bootcamp. We’ll share the bootcamp structure, admissions process, and supporting career services which will prepare you to start a career in real-time 3D markets such as game development, AR/VR and visual entertainment.

Join our free, live workshop: Solving XR Design Problems with Tvori and ShapesXR
Solving XR Design Problems with Tvori and ShapesXR

Join us for a practical use case of implementing and finding the right XR design solutions for a real product ShapesXR and hear it from Kim Alban, an experienced designer who recently completely embraced XR about her insights and surprising takeaways.

Learning from the best

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