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UI Design for VR: From Theory To Practice

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While most designers have figured out their workflow for designing mobile apps or websites, processes for designing VR interfaces are yet to be defined. Some of the principles certainly transfer to the 3D world and over the years we have seen many 2D interfaces in Virtual Reality with mixed degree of success. What are some of the core differences when designing user interfaces for VR? When does it make sense to use 3D user interfaces and how to make the most out of them without burdening the user?

Learn the answers to these questions and many more during this "out of the box workshop" that will take place partially in VR 😉

You'll Learn:

  • Spatial theory for UI design
  • The differences and use cases for 3D and 2D UI
  • How to leverage "spatial correspondence" in your UI design
  • Accessible tools to create and share your VR concepts within VR 🤯

    About Your Instructor

    Gabriele Romagnoli is head of community for Tvori, an award-winning startup building a tool to democratize 3D creation: Shapes XR. Over the past years Gabriele hosted tens of webinars with industry experts and dug deeper into the design of VR experiences for productivity and entertainment. Creative and passionate about all-that-is-XR he loves to share and educate anybody that wants to be part of this revolution.


    Gabriele Romagnoli

    Guest Instructor

    Jerry Medeiros

    Head of Education