Learn and grow with XR mentors

Personal live sessions focused on XR project support, personal learning objectives, and career goals.

Get immediate access to the support you need

Our live one-on-one support connects you with one of Circuit Stream’s XR instructors, giving you immediate access to the specific support you need to match your XR learning goals.


Share details of what you need help with

Give us the details we need so we can help understand how to help you -- what device you are building for, your project details, your goals, and your challenges.


Schedule time that works for you

Spread out the hours in your package the way that works and fits best with your schedule.


Get matched and get started

We’ll get you matched with an expert best qualified to support your project. Our live and online approach will allow you to connect, screenshare, and start building with an expert from anywhere.


For every stage of your XR journey

XR can be hard sometimes. With mentorship you will be able to connect to XR experts so you won’t need to navigate XR on your own. We will work with you to fill the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

How mentors can help you:

Hone your skills

Use your mentor to provide insight into the XR development or design process. Develop specific skills you want to improve and gain specialty and focus in the area of your choice.

Build your project

Are you currently building or starting an XR project, but want guidance as you work through it? Work with a mentor to help you resolve your technical questions to turn your vision into reality.

Career support

Use our expert mentors as a sounding board to your questions about best practices in the industry: skills you need, resume and portfolio tips, and general lorem ipsum san dolor.

Hardware we’ll help you with


Know what you want? Choose a mentor and get started


6 hour package

A total of 6 hours of personalized one hour 1:1 support delivered at anytime.


in total

13 hour package

A total of 13 hours of personalized one hour 1:1 support delivered at anytime.


in total

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