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Circuit Stream offers education and training services for professionals and businesses. Established in 2015, we’ve taught over 20,000 students through workshops, 1:1 mentorship and small class settings. We’re a team of creators, designers, programmers, and instructors specialized in VR and AR working across North America, with our HQ based in Calgary, Alberta.

Whether you’re a professional interested in our VR/AR Development with Unity course, or a business looking to invest in streamlined VR/AR training, Circuit Stream’s education and training services are designed to give you the skills to develop and maintain programs in Unity.

We teach the skills needed to create virtual reality and augmented reality training applications for a wide range of industries. We’ve demonstrated use cases for VR and AR in geological data visualizations, training for airside operations, and medical surgeries. In our partnerships, we build customized simulations and offer integrated training for companies to have the knowledge and independence to maintain applications after launch.

Our online VR/AR Development with Unity course is customized for professionals investing in their abilities and careers. Our team mentors students to build their idea into a working prototype in 10 weeks. Our course offers virtual reality training based on applicable real-world experience to give participants the skills, contacts, and confidence to kick start their virtual reality venture.

“Having an instructor [in a live class] helps guide you along the right path. Beginners get a great introduction to Unity [and] get to jump in right away to create their own app.” – Tyrell Lewin, Founder, Lit Tech Studios

We’ve helped people envision virtual reality for their field of work including architects, airport designers, educators, chemical engineers, IT professionals, web developers, graphic designers, filmmakers and even actors! All participants receive a certificate in virtual reality development and have access to Circuit Stream’s network of instructors and partners. After completing a Circuit Stream course, working professionals have gone on to create their own apps, get jobs in the industry, and start their own businesses.

“In Circuit Stream classes, you actually interact with other students. It changed the way I think about virtual reality.” – Brenda Cordova, Digital Marketer

Beginning with only one instructor with weekend courses at the University of British Columbia, to offering online VR and AR courses accessible worldwide, we’ve grown to a team of over 20 educators, business leaders, and professional instructors from the virtual reality industry. Our students have built relationships with their classmates; networks that translate into a stronger and more robust VR and AR industry.

For the VR/AR ecosystem to continue to grow, professionals across all industries must have access to the knowledge behind the technology. This technology is only as good as the content we create for it. Expanding the opportunities for content creation will have a net positive effect across the ecosystem. We strive to open, support, and enhance access for education for professionals with diverse backgrounds.

“It’s a perfect time, while this is a growing industry, to try and get into VR and AR. This investment is for [the] long term [and is] worthwhile if you want to get into virtual reality development.”– Mike Oakes, AR Developer, Vivarra

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The best instructors from the virtual and augmented reality industry.

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Communication with clarity, respect, and hold participants' success above all else.

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Embracing new virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technology.

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Virtual and augmented reality are the future of computing. We're in this for the long game!


Encouraging students with opportunities for growth and learning throughout their journey.

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