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Developing Indie Games with a Small Team

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In the last few years, we’ve seen an incredible resurgence of indie video games. The popularity of Cuphead, Factorio, Celeste, Hades and Papers, Please is proven by thousands of stellar reviews and sale numbers.

And these games weren’t funded by millions of dollars, developed and designed by hundreds of professionals and most of those titles haven’t had a reputation for making great games. It was all fueled by a passion for gaming and a focus on gameplay.

We are pleased to host Stephen Huang, founder of an indie game dev studio called Isto Inc. where they develop games with a gameplay-first approach. Stephen is part of a three-person team at Isto Inc., where he is playing the role of a game designer. He’ll share his experience with starting a game dev company, the process of creating and managing the development and design of a new game, and share advice about how to go about building games for beginner developers and designers.

The webinar is free to attend and is suitable for all indie game enthusiasts!

You'll learn:

  • How Stephen started a tiny game studio
  • What day-to-day looks like for a game designer and developer
  • Practical advice for anyone who's thinking of creating their own indie game
  • Basics of planning, program management, and production practices for game development

At the end of the workshop, You'll Have:

  • An understanding of starting an indie game studio
  • Concrete answers to your questions about indie game dev with Unity from Stephen Huang

About your guest speaker:

Stephen Huang is the co-founder of three-people indie game studio Isto Inc. As a former Microsoft Program manager and game designer he followed his passion for gaming and established a game studio in Calgary, Alberta. Their flagship game Atrio is a Unity-based survival game set in a cyberpunk inspired post-apocalyptic world where you must build, automate and optimize your systems to keep the world at bay to stay alive. If you liked Factorio, check out Atrio!


Stephane Licina

Partnerships Manager

Stephen Huang

Founder at Isto Inc.