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HoloLens Space Invaders!

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Join us in this free workshop, to learn how to use hand gestures in AR, to destroy randomly spawning targets before they reach you!

Curious about how game design works in AR? In this workshop, you will learn the basics of hand gesture functionality, with the opportunity to practice using these gestures on random targets that will present themselves. Join us for this fun and informative workshop.

During the workshop, we'll share:

  • Details on the functionality of hand gestures in VR
  • How to use hand gestures in game design
  • Exploration of pseudo-random generation

At the end of the workshop, you'll have:

  • A better understanding of hand gesture effectiveness
  • An understanding of how to setup hand gestures in game design
  • Q&A with your instructor, Nakisa

About your instructor:

Nakisa’s engineering and arts background combine for a unique approach to XR development. She has designed and developed projects for the HoloLens, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest and Valve Index.


Stephane Licina

Course Lead

Nakisa Donnelly

AR/VR Instructor and Developer