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How to Start Your XR Design Career

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Technology is constantly evolving.

Staying "up to date" means constant learning and adapting. But what percentage of your time should be used for exploring? How much for monetizing skills you already have? What areas or topics should you focus on first?

Eva answers these questions and more!

In this beginner-friendly workshop—Eva will share her story, best practices and all the essentials you’ll need to venture into the world of AR/VR. Everything from which device is best for your situation, the best resources to fast-track your learning and more!

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You'll learn:

  • What device is best for your situation
  • What percentage of your time should be used for exploring
  • How to monetize skills you already have and much more!

About your instructors:

Eva is a Product & Interaction Designer, XR and Tech Enthusiast. She has many years of experience creating projects in AR/VR and working with global companies and leading startups. Her awesomeness doesn't stop there—Eva designed an app chosen amongst the 350 pilot applications for Google Play Pass. She's an all-things-puzzle lover and an avid Youtuber, teaching her community all about product design & AR/VR!


Eva Kuttichová


Luciana Fortes