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UX and XR Developers: Working Together

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XR Developers and UX Designers shouldn't ever be on a different island! They have to work together as a team.

On March 31, we are hosting a free workshop with XR Designer, Creative Technologist and UX/UI pioneer in the immersive industry, Aleatha Singleton.

This workshop is dedicated for project teams, UX designers and XR developers. Aleatha is going to share how the development processes integrate between the two departments and how to communicate and work together to produce amazing experiences.

Even if you're working as a solo developer or designer, knowing these best practices will help you tremendously with your projects.

There are no requirements for this free webinar apart from genuine interest and curiosity about design.

Get your notepads ready to take notes!

At the end of the workshop, you'll know:

  • The value of UX in the development process
  • How to integrate UX design into development process
  • How XR designers and developers can communicate effectively
  • Best practices from the UX industry veteran who works in XR

Workshop prerequisites

  • Interest in XR and/or design!

About the speaker:

Aleatha Singleton is an Immersive Tech UX Designer with over 22 years of experience designing solutions for multiple platforms including most XR for many well-known companies. Over the years, she has acquired various skills that make her uniquely qualified to perform and promote human-centered design with a specialization in XR and future technology.


Brenden Gilbert

Education Lead

Aleatha Singleton

UX Design Instructor