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XR Design Workshop: From Game to Training Sim

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There's a lot more to AR and VR than gaming. Training simulations in immersive realities are one of the best uses of XR. They are used in the military, manufacturing and even in pro-level sports (F1 Sport Racing, Hockey and Golf just to name a few).

To create a good simulation in XR we need to know the audience, the industry, and the medium itself. In this free XR design lesson, your instructor and XR pioneer, Aleatha Singleton is going to show you on a practical case on how to research, ideate, and plan a conversion from a 3d game to the XR environment.

We will be looking to transform the PC game Car Mechanic Simulator into a VR experience.

You will learn how to collect ideas, perform a design analysis using a rose, thorn, system, and lay out a plan for an XR project.

This is a unique experience to see and learn how an expert XR designer tackles an XR design project from scratch.

The live webinar is free to attend and is suitable for all audiences. No experience is needed.

You'll learn:

  • How to research interactive games from an XR designer's view
  • How to ideate and analyze the game using the rose, thorn, and bud system
  • How to use the research for transitioning a project into immersive environments

At the end of the workshop, You'll Have:

  • A view and understanding of XR-specific design research
  • Knowledge of how to research, identify, and implement research findings and apply them to XR mediums
  • Concrete answers to your questions about XR design from Aleatha Singleton

About Your Instructor:

Aleatha Singleton is an Immersive Tech UX Designer with over 24 years of experience designing solutions for multiple platforms including most recently XR for many well-known companies. She creates educational content covering the foundational aspects of UX design for Extended Realities in a way that is understandable and actionable in the hopes that she can help push forward the UX field within the XR technology landscape. She’s also one of the main architects of Circuit Stream’s Interaction Design and Prototyping for XR course.


Tyler Trapp

Enrollment Advisor

Aleatha Singleton

UX Design Instructor