Course Catalog


Our Bootcamp will equip you with the skills and career support needed to launch a successful career in the Real-time 3D (RT3D) industry.

Game Development Bootcamp

30 weeks • part time

The Game Development Bootcamp is a project-based learning program designed to prepare you for a successful career in video game development with real-time 3D skills.


Skill building that's ideal for full-time working professionals.

XR Development with Unity

10 weeks • part time

XR Development with Unity is a project-based program designed to give you a solid foundation in XR development. This course will teach you everything from the basics of C# programming to the foundations of Unity game development.

Interaction Design and Prototyping for XR

10 weeks • part time

This specialized program will give you a solid foundation for designing interactions and prototypes for immersive experiences including mix reality, augmented reality and virtual reality. You'll learn how to prototype interactions and experiences using popular design tools like ShapesXR, Adobe Aero, Spark AR, Unity, MRTK and Figma.

On-Demand Courses

Start your learning journey with the help of our self-paced introductory courses.

C# Scripting Fundamentals in Unity

30 hours • on demand

Whether you're a game developer, software programmer, or just interested in programming as a hobby, this is a great course for learning the fundamentals of C# and how to use it to develop games and applications.

UX Design Fundamentals for XR

40 hours • on demand

Get the 40-hour on-demand online course built by XR Design Pioneer Aleatha Singleton. Learn the fundamentals for designing UX for AR, VR and MR.